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fill me in. tell me everything i missed.

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And that ladies and gays is what I call the right fuckin spirit

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YouTubers and Sexual Abuse
 I am so tired of making youtube videos ABOUT youtube. I have had writers block for a majority of the year and I feel like that’s all I do now. I had written a funny video about Confidence, but I think that this is more neccessary. I hope this helped anyone in any way. It was kind of scary to upload this.I spent sooo much time making sure I said the right things.
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is it just me or does adam scott exclusively play assholes… with the exception of ben wyatt who actually did start out kind of an asshole

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get to know me meme: [4/6] female characters » olive snook

Musing on the idea of setting someone on fire doesn’t mean you really want to set them on fire, it’s just the thought of it that makes you happy. But only for a second—then you feel bad. But that second can be a lot of fun!

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